At Bumble and bumble.University, hairdressers visit from salons far and wide to hone their craft. Working on real clients (not plastic heads) is essential to their experience. So, we created the Bb.U Model Project, which allows our students to perfect techniques on people like you – and, as an added bonus, the services are completely complimentary.


All participants of the Bb.U Model Project can accrue Hairmiles (and redeem them for exclusive rewards) every time they attend a styling session and/or refer a friend to the program.


New York City
At Model Call, potential clients are assessed for hair condition, texture, length, etc. While many are able to take part in the Bb.U Model Project, occasionally there are hair types that aren’t a match for the classes we currently offer (please don’t take it personally).

Beyond NYC
While we’re primarily based in New York, sometimes we hold special classes or events in other cities. If you live outside the metropolitan area and would like to find out about opportunities near you, email us at


While we guarantee quality services, we’re primarily an educational facility and not a full-service salon. To provide students with the experience they deserve, it’s essential that all Model Clients abide by our policies.

Confirmation emails are sent two weeks prior to an appointment. To confirm your place, you must respond to the email.
- If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please contact Bb.U to confirm one week prior to an appointment.
- If you fail to confirm an appointment, your space won’t be guaranteed.

- Any client who fails to arrive to a confirmed appointment without notification is considered a no-show. One no-show result in disqualification from the Bb.U Model Project.
- Any cancellation within 48 hours of an appointment is considered a late cancellation. Two late cancellations will result in disqualification from the Bb.U Model Project.
- Due to potential curriculum changes, only active members may book and attend sessions.
- If you haven’t had a cut at Bb.U in the last year, you must attend Model Call to be reassessed.

Day of Appointment
- Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment.
- Late arrivals aren’t guaranteed a space in the class.
- Those who didn’t confirm aren’t guaranteed a space.
- Those who don’t meet the requirements discussed at booking aren’t guaranteed a space.
- Please arrive with clean, dry hair.
- Sessions last approximately two hours.
- Small children and pets aren’t allowed.
- Model Clients must be at least 18 years of age.
- We can’t guarantee future participation to no-shows or models who fail to adhere to our policies.


Is it true that I can get a complimentary cut, color and style?
Yes. All qualified Bb.U Model Clients can receive these complimentary services from our licensed Network Stylists. Model Clients must be 18 or older.

How do I become a Bb.U Model Client?
To register, you must attend Model Call where we’ll assess your hair for suitability.
Model Call is held about once a month on an invitation-only basis. Anyone interested can sign up by filling out a pre-evaluation form here. If you’re a match, you’ll receive an invite to the next Model Call for an assessment.

How do you determine if my hair is suitable for a class?
At Model Call, a Bb.Stylist will evaluate your hair’s condition, length and texture to determine if it’s appropriate for our class curriculum and tools. We do our best to ensure that our students can practice techniques on attending Model Clients, and that Model Clients can receive a style suitable for them.

What are the benefits of being a Model Client?
- Complimentary cuts and styles
- A thorough assessment to ensure that the cut is specifically tailored to your features.
- A chance to receive complimentary color (for suitable clients who have recently received a cut).

What is a complimentary styling session?
These two-hour sessions include: the blow dry, the ponytail, the chignon, the Double French twist and a variety of braided styles. Unlike our cutting classes (which need two to three months between sessions) Model Clients are encouraged to attend as many styling sessions as they’d like. The more you attend our styling sessions, the more Hairmiles you can accrue.

If I don’t attend cutting sessions, can I still attend styling sessions?
Yes – however, clients still need to be assessed at Model Call.

Can I just get a trim?
No – all models must be open to some change, which will be agreed upon at Model Call.

Will all haircuts look the same?
No – we teach techniques, not haircuts. Even if you’re booked for a specific haircut (like a graduated bob) it’ll be tailored specifically to you.

After I attend Model Call, how long will I wait for my first appointment?
The wait can vary from a few days to several months.

When will my session take place?
All classes take place Monday through Friday, during daytime hours. We don’t offer weekend or evening appointments.

Who will be cutting my hair?
All stylists who attend our classes are professional, licensed stylists with a minimum of two years experience in salons. They’re a part of our Salon Network and come from some of the top salons in the country. These stylists attend Bb.U for advanced training in the most current cutting, coloring and styling techniques.


Once I’ve registered and received a complimentary haircut, can I book more cuts without having to attend another Model Call?
Yes, depending on our needs and the content of future classes. However, we recommend that clients who want a major change attend another Model Call for consultation.

How frequently can I book?
For haircut appointments: approximately every three to four months. For styling appointments: you can attend unlimited sessions as long as your hair remains suitable. For color appointments: we ask that you wait at least three months between appointments.

How do I rebook an appointment?
You can email us at for available dates or complete a rebooking form at the 6th floor front desk.

I booked my appointment for a date three months from now. Will you remind me closer to the date?
A confirmation email is sent two weeks prior to appointments. To confirm your session, you must respond to this email. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a reminder call the (business) day before your appointment.

If I need to cancel an appointment, can I reschedule?
We’re happy to reschedule you for the next available date. We require 48 hours notice for all cancellations.

What does it mean to be a standby model?
You must confirm and attend a session as usual. If a model fails to arrive on time, you’ll be seated instead. If we can’t accommodate you, you’ll receive a travel-sized product of your choiceand be booked for the next available appointment.

Do you offer an incentive program?
We’re proud to offer the Hairmiles Frequent Stylers Club. Each time a Model Client attends a styling session, they’ll earn Hairmiles that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

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